On Repeat: Speak by Melissa Polinar featuring Josiah Bell

Anyone who knows me knows I L-O-V-E music (and that’s an understatement). I LOOOOVE good music across several different genres. Right now the song I have been playing quite frequently is by Melissa Polinar called “Speak,” featuring Josiah Bell. Why do I love this song? Listen to the harmonies in this sweet slow song, it’s what honey sounds like, and makes me wanna go take voice lessons (I’m kidding… sort of — voice lessons are on my bucket list / 100 life goals list.)

Polinar is a bonafide singer/songwriter/musician (and so is Josiah Bell) and you can certainly tell in her music. Her current album out now is “Calls & Echoes.” Please check her out! And listen to “Speak”.

Stay Swankqe! Ciao,