Hello Spring, Hello You!

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Spring. Yes! It’s finally here and I gladly welcome it. I’m a warm-weather, open-toe shoe kind of girl so Spring has easily become one of my favorite times of the year. It marks the beginning of warm sunshine-filled days, tulips (my fave flower), sun dresses, longer days and not to mention, happier people (must be the Vitamin D effect… *shrugs*). Things “wake up” in Spring and so do people. Dreams become re-invigorated and people just seem to want to try again (or at least that’s my feeling). And it would only be so apropos that this first day of Spring happens to fall on the UN’s International Day of Happiness. Now isn’t that about as awesome as it gets?

So wake up, get happy (you deserve it) and go do/be/make something great! Springs says “Hello” and I’m saying “Hello” to you.

Welcome to Swankqe.com.

Stay Swankqe,


P.S. And I know my mouth was looking all sorts of funny when that picture got snapped but it doesn’t matter… because I’m Happy!

Photo credit: Tiffany Powell Photography

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