Let Ignorance Be On Your Side

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That statement in itself sounds, well, ignorant. But indulge me for just a moment as I delve into this “Note to Self.” As we get older, we tend to get too smart for our own good. We learn the “rules” and the “how-tos” and by learning all the things we’re “supposed” to do we grasp on tighter and tighter to our inhibitions.

Ignorance to an extent inhibits your inhibitions which helps put things in action.

When you were a kid you imagined what seemed the impossible and the absurd but back then it wasn’t impossible nor absurd because you were pretty confident that life size edible gummy bear chairs would be THE way of furnishing living rooms worldwide. And so you started your quest (of world gummy bear domination, of course).

And then fast forward to right after you graduated from college. You may have given up on the edible gummy bear furniture company but you were green, eager to learn and what some may call, wet behind the ears. Degree in hand, you knew you were smart, you just didn’t know how dumb you were, which worked to your advantage. You put yourself out there and people believed you. And then, as is the case for some of us, you started guarding your ideas because the chapter 4 of your life didn’t look like someone’s else’s chapter 14. They seemingly know it all and are self-proclaimed experts but that’s ok, you’ll start once you know it all like them. Hello? No one is birthed out of their momma’s womb as an expert. They didn’t get to “expert” (whatever that means) without going through reiteration after reiteration, failure upon failure.

For those of you who have dared to try, how many times have you said, “Had I known what I know now, I would not have started.” That’s the fun and the danger. Fun, because you DID something, you took action on something and that trumps thinking about all the reasons it won’t work. ┬áDanger, because “now we know” and we have to consciously work past our inhibitions. That happened to me, starting a business that for all practical purposes was not supposed to happen. But I didn’t know any better and I ended up having fun and learning SO much along the way.

There’s something about NOT knowing everything that can be of a great benefit to you.

The more you know, the more you over rationalize (because let’s face it, you do need a little bit of wisdom) why “it” won’t work, and if “it” won’t work why start now? You don’t know enough to start now. Better yet, since your quest for learning EVERYTHING needs to be fulfilled before you start now, how about you never start?

Recently I watched a talk given by Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of reddit. He couldn’t drive the point home enough that you simply don’t have to know everything and it’s totally ok. He tells people all the time that he still doesn’t know what he’s doing but that’s not stopping him. People don’t care about what you’re thinking about doing, they care more about what you’re actually doing. Ignorance to an extent inhibits your inhibitions which helps put things in action. Use your unique skills and put them to work. Yeah you might suck at first but that’s the first step in getting better, as Ohanian points out.

So STOP trying to figure everything out. Let ignorance be on your side and start with what you did know. Besides people won’t even know to help if you’re not trying.

Tell me, what was that ridiculous childhood dream or what’s something you’ve been waiting on to start, once you “figure it all out”?

Stay Swankqe! Ciao,